Music Together® FAQ

How long are the Music Together® classes and semesters?

Each class is 45 minutes long, once per week.  Spring, fall and winter semesters run for 9-10 weeks, and the summer semester runs for 6 weeks unless otherwise noted due to holidays like Fourth of July, etc.

Can I try a class before registering?

Absolutely!  We offer free demo classes to new families based on availability. Please check out our free demonstration classes to find and schedule a class that works for you!

If I have to miss a class, am I able to make it up?

We offer registered families two (2) make-ups per semester.  If you are enrolled in a Music Together® class and need to schedule a make-up, please email

Can we bring visitors?

We love having visitors!  Adult visitors and children over 5 years are welcome any time.  For children under 5, please come to one of our free demonstration classes or contact us prior to the class.

How many children are in each class?

Each class has 6 to 12 children.  On occasion, we will run a class with 4 or 5 children if we are unable to accommodate them in another class.

What is my role in class as a parent or caregiver?

Your role in class is to sing, dance, play and be silly with your child.  Wait!  Before you say, “I can’t sing! I’m not a dancer! And silly is definitely not my thing!,” remember that you already do this as someone who takes care of a child.  You smile with children!  You clap with children!  You make silly faces with children!  And, admit it, you’ve probably already sung a couple of lullabies as well.  You do all of this already, because you instinctively know that doing all of these “silly” things are the best way to teach and connect and help a child grow, and children instinctively know that watching you is the best way for them to learn.  You don’t have to be good at any of it!  You just have to do it, at your own pace and have fun!  They will learn from you and with you.  That’s the beauty of Music Together®.

How late into a semester can I start?

A warm and safe environment is created through the course of the semester, so that everyone can feel comfortable being creative and learning with each other.  Because of this, we do not register families past week two of each semester.

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