Group Make Up Classes

Missed a lesson?  Well, now you don’t have to miss a beat!

Did you have to cancel one of your private lessons because of illness or a scheduling conflict? Going away for the summer, but don’t want to give up your perfect lesson time?  No worries!  Sign up for one of our group make up classes below!  Not only will you get the chance to work with one of our amazing Higher Voice Studio faculty, but you may be surprised to know that some things you can only learn surrounded by a group of supportive peers!  Are you singer, who’s wanted to explore learning another instrument?  Sign up for a Group Guitar or Piano class! Do you have an audition or a role in a show coming up?  Sign up for our Acting For Singers class with Nick! Are you a guitarist who’s considering stretching into the singing world?  Register for a Masterclass with Hilerie or a Sight-Singing and Musicianship class with Caitlin.  Sign up below to keep growing and making the music you love!  All Higher Voice Studio students are welcome! 

Masterclass with Higher Voice Studio’s Founder, Hilerie Klein Rensi

One Saturday a month from 2-5pm

Bring your questions.  Bring the music you’re working on in your private lessons.  Bring what you are struggling with in your singing and performing.  Bring yourself, bring your courage and your best “Dare To Suck” attitude and allow, Hilerie Klein Rensi and the supportive community of Higher Voice Studio to bring out the best in you and your art.  

How does it work? A volunteer from the audience sings a song, Hilerie works with them and while they learn the audience learns too.  Such a simple premise, yet this free, monthly masterclass is one of the best ways to meet other singers, cover a lot of new topics in a short period of time, work through nerves, and move a singer through resistance, leading to breakthroughs that just can’t happen in a private lesson.  Not ready to sing at a Masterclass yet!  Just come and watch!  We will have a piano accompanist available, but if you want to accompany yourself or bring your guitar, that works too! These are very popular afternoons in the studio, so sign up today!  We can’t wait to hear you SING!

Acting For Singers with Nick Kochanov

One Friday a month from 6-7pm

As students at Higher Voice Studio, we owe it to ourselves and our audiences to not only dazzle them with our beautiful voices, but to also move them with the way we tell our stories through song! Acting for Singers is a class where Higher Voice Studio faculty, Nick Kochanov will teach you how to analyze a song, develop the character, and step outside of your comfort zone by taking risks. Whether you have an upcoming audition, are currently preparing for a role in a show, or just looking to get more comfortable telling a story in front of a crowd, Nick is here to help!

Group Sight Singing and Musicianship Class with Caitlin Carlisle 

One Friday of the month from 6-7 pm

Do you want to read music?  Like, as an actual language? Are you tired of paying your private teacher to plunk out the notes of your songs? Are you sick of playing recordings over and over again to memorize a piece of music? Are you making the same mistakes time and time again?  Wouldn’t it be great to look at the music on the page and hear what it will sound like, BEFORE you play it or sing it?  For singers, guitarists and pianists of all levels, Higher Voice Studio faculty, Caitlin Carlisle, will teach you the skills to become an independent musician and to read what you see on the page! Come join us and start being able to speak the language of musicians.  All ages and levels are welcome!

Group Piano Make Up Class with Joe Woodring

One Saturday a month from 2-3pm

Are you working on building your piano chops and taking your skills to the next level?  Are you learning to accompany yourself on the piano? Have you been practicing plunking out your melodies and improving your musicianship skills? Taught by Higher Voice Studio faculty, Joe Woodring, this group piano class will help you improve your piano playing, your music reading, and every aspect of your skills as a musician.  Keyboards are provided for this class and all ages, levels and styles are welcome!  

Group Voice Make Up Class with Holly Van Hoey

One Wednesday a month from 6-7pm

We all want to sing in front of others with honesty and with confidence.  We want to sing our fullest, be our best and feel incredible doing it, but when “mistakes” happen, which they always do, then what? When our voice doesn’t respond to us, how do we fix it? And how do we continue to love our voice, faults and all, through the process of learning? 

This voice class will focus on many different topics of vocal technique and confidence, but always keeping in mind the specific reasons that prevent each of us from growing to love our instrument and in turn, making it better and stronger.  What is stopping you from becoming the singer you want to be?  What is preventing you from reaching your goals?  Come as you are and let’s dive in.  All ages, levels and experience are welcome!

Group Guitar Make Up Class with Zach Miller

One Monday a month from 8-9pm

Have you been strumming and humming?  Do you want to meet other guitar students and make some music together?  Maybe you’re a singer who wants to improve your accompanying skills and put some chords to that new song you wrote?  Sign up today for our Group Guitar Make Up Class, and Higher Voice Studio faculty and guitar guru, Zach Miller will keep you moving down your musical road. All students must bring a guitar and their love of music!

The Fundamentals of Music Theory with Devan Balaguer

One Tuesday a month from 8-9pm

We all want to be able to pick up new music and jump right in! But we can’t do that without learning the basics of music theory.  Does that music look like a bunch of foreign writing? Can you hear that tune in your head but just don’t know how to write it out? 

In this class, we will start from step one and work through reading and writing music.  With Devan Balaguer as your guide, you’ll examine key signatures, note duration, clefs, rhythms and much, much more!  These skills will be the building blocks for learning music quickly and even being able to write your own.  Soon that foreign scribbling will form into a beautiful piece of music that you’ll be able to produce for yourself, your teacher, and your audience!