Current Voice Students

Congratulations!  You are a member of Higher Voice Studio!  

You’ve had your first voice lesson with Hilerie, Holly, Caitlin or Nick and created a password which now allows you to schedule lessons directly using the scheduler below.

This scheduler is only for current students who have completed their initial lesson with one of our teachers and who are now registered at Higher Voice Studio.  If you have not had your initial consultation, please click here to schedule your first lesson.

Private Voice Lessons

for students who have completed their initial voice lesson consultation


45 Minute Session: $70

60 Minute Session: $70
or  30 Minute Session: $35​

Higher Voice Studio has teamed with Flexbooker to provide the easiest and most convenient way to schedule your lessons with your teacher.  Whether you are reserving the same lesson time every week or a flexible lesson time, Flexbooker gives Higher Voice Studio’s students the ability handle all of their scheduling needs directly through the teachers’ schedule.


Recurring Booking

When you find a time on your teacher’s schedule that is available every week, Flexbooker gives you an option to create a recurring booking.  This allows the student to schedule up to 25 appointments at a time.  Most of our students have very busy schedules, with after school activities, family obligations and work requirements.  This recurring booking option allows you to schedule your lessons for the whole year and beyond.  Just create multiple recurring bookings back-to-back, so that you will not have to worry about another student reserving your time.  If there is a week that you have to cancel here and there, then cancel the lesson for that one week (at least 24 hours in advanced) and squeeze into another time that’s available.


Waitlist Option

If you need to change your lesson for the week, but someone is scheduled for a time you can make, you can add yourself to the waitlist for that time, and you will be notified by text if that time opens up.  You will then have 10 minutes to take that spot. If you don’t take the time, then Flexbooker will automatically alert the next student on the waitlist to see if they would like the time.  You will not be charged if you don’t take the spot.  If you accept the newly offered waitlist spot, then the 24-hour cancelation rule still applies.


Flexible Schedules

If you cannot make the same time every week, feel free to schedule appointments based on what’s available in your teacher’s schedule.  Unfortunately, because of the high demand for lessons and limited availability, we cannot guarantee that a time will be available every week.


All students receive notifications 24 hours in advance, reminding them of their scheduled appointment
All lessons must be reserved with a credit card
By scheduling a lesson, you are agreeing to our payment and cancelation policies
If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice or if you fail to show up for the lesson, your card will be charged for the full value of the lesson.

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